NEW Temporary Meeting Location Tonight!

Tonight, and on March 25th, we will meet at:

Yuma First Assembly

3000 S. Avenue B, Yuma, AZ

6:30PM to 8:30PM.


And our first of two Purim Play practices is tonight!

Coming Soon—Purim!

Costumes! Hammentaschen cookies! Drama! Laughter! Comedy! It’s time to start practicing our always fun Purim play. We will be celebrating Purim on Friday, March 25th. Put it on your calendar! 

Everyone gets a chance to be a ham; everyone gets in the act. We will hold three rehearsals at times & dates to be determined at our meeting tonight.

Who will you be “for such a time as this?” Esther, Mordechai, Haman, King Ahasuerus, the Queen, one of the beautiful queen-to-be contestants, a messenger, a prop maker, a set builder, or??? Minimal memorization required. Most of the story will be narrated. 

Contact us at for more details.





1) Wednesdays
March 5th & 12th:
Purim play rehearsals
5.30PM – 6:00PM
Conversational Hebrew Group:
6:00PM – 7:00PM

2) Purim Play and Celebration
Sunday, March 16th 2:00PM
(Location TBA)

Invite family & friends to participate, whether as actors or audience. It’s going to be FUN! Joena & I are going to make Hamantaschen cookies

•Calling all hat makers! Hats will be our costumes for the play:

1. King’s crown
2. Queen’s crown
3. Haman’s three-cornered hat
4. The king’s messenger’s hat.
5. Mordechai’s hat.
6. Pretty scarfed, ornamented headdresses for the maidens.

I have the following hat-making materials: construction paper, scissors, felt markers, and a hot glue gun.

3) Shabbat Kickoff Fridays
6:00PM – 8:00PM
•Dance practice
•Bible study
(Location TBA)