Once in awhile I just have to tell it; our havurah tonight was exceptional. The time of prayer, the commaraderie, the study, the questions & comments, the love, the warmth, the connectedness, the transparency, the humor (ya gots-ta have humor), the tears, and the noshing. All of it, amazing. 

Nothing beats being oneself with a group of people who are being themselves with no pretense or effort. That’s real, that’s real love. That’s Yeshua, the one who redeems us.

2 comments on “Exceptional.

  1. Sue Hoban says:

    Good morning!

    I have been “loosely” following emails from your group for a few years but still haven’t come for a visit. Today I was looking through the calendar to see what’s happening and am a little confused whether it’s current or not. I

    Is KA Yuma Havurah meeting on Friday nights? If so, where?

    I noticed on the June 2017 calendar a Shabbat trip to San Diego Kehilat Ariel was scheduled but I’m getting the impression this occurred in the past because the date doesn’t line up with a end-of-week Shabbat.

    Best Regards-

    Sue Hoban

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