Once in awhile I just have to tell it; our havurah tonight was exceptional. The time of prayer, the commaraderie, the study, the questions & comments, the love, the warmth, the connectedness, the transparency, the humor (ya gots-ta have humor), the tears, and the noshing. All of it, amazing. 

Nothing beats being oneself with a group of people who are being themselves with no pretense or effort. That’s real, that’s real love. That’s Yeshua, the one who redeems us.


2 responses to “Exceptional.”

  1. Good morning!

    I have been “loosely” following emails from your group for a few years but still haven’t come for a visit. Today I was looking through the calendar to see what’s happening and am a little confused whether it’s current or not. I

    Is KA Yuma Havurah meeting on Friday nights? If so, where?

    I noticed on the June 2017 calendar a Shabbat trip to San Diego Kehilat Ariel was scheduled but I’m getting the impression this occurred in the past because the date doesn’t line up with a end-of-week Shabbat.

    Best Regards-

    Sue Hoban

    1. Hi Sue, we’re still meeting on Friday nights at Champion Church. We are planning a day trip to San Diego, but we haven’t firmed up an exact date. Our current meeting information on the “About Us” page should be accurate. We can be reached at kayumahavurah@gmail.com for more details.

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