Lamb, 1 week old
Lamb, 1 week old

Celebration and Potluck Dinner
(Free Admission)

Where do communion and the Lord’s supper originate from?

Experience Passover as if you were personally delivered from slavery under Pharaoh in ancient Egypt. Celebrate being delivered by Yeshua (Jesus), the Passover Lamb!

Location: Preschool Room at Champion Church – 3625 South Ave 5E, Yuma, AZ
Questions? email us at

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3 responses to “PASSOVER IS COMING!”

  1. Hope you had wonderful passover ! Tell your friends we be happy to have them at beit tefilah,l let me know i can be any help

    1. Thanks, Betty. We enjoyed Passover very much. I hope you had an opportunity to celebrate too. May I give your contact information to my friend? Or would you prefer I give hers to you?



    2. Will do, thanks. I sent you an email reply. 🙂

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