Great Reasons to Support the UMJC (Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations)

Did you know?

1. K.A. Yuma is a member havurah of Kehilat Ariel Messianic Jewish Synagogue of San Diego, which is a member of the UMJC.

2. The UMJC is the ONLY Messianic Jewish organization that ordains Messianic Jewish military chaplains!

3. One of K.A. Yuma’s goals is to become a member havurah (also spelled “chavurah”) of the UMJC.

UMJC Havurah Membership Criteria:

  1. Membership in the UMJC is open to congregations and chavurot that meet the following criteria:
    • Possession of a committed core of Jewish participants or members.
    • Agreement with the by-laws and membership standards of the UMJC, including the statement of faith, and the vision statement “Defining Messianic Judaism,” and commitment to incorporate these in their practice.
    • Meeting regularly, at least twice monthly for the entire year immediately preceding application.
Chavurah status must meet the three criteria required of all groups listed in section 1, but does not need further qualification. Chavurah members may send one representative, with voice but no vote, to UMJC business meetings. Chavurah status can be long-term and should not create the expectation that the group will develop into a more formal congregation. (source:
–Read more about the UMJC’s goals and leadership:

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